Safety and Well-Being

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Whitelisting[edit | edit source]

By default and to protect the safety and well being of our players, only pre-approved, or "whitelisted" players are allowed to access Scoutcraft. This allows Unit Leaders to ensure that all players are known personally, and that they adhere to the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. It also allows Unit Leaders and Patrol Leaders to be able to quickly ban, on a temporary or permanent basis, any player who violates the Oath or Law or any other Scoutcraft rules.

ScoutsBSA Monitors[edit | edit source]

Older Scouts from BAC Troop 5 are also allowed access to Scoutcraft for play, but some of them are also tasked with monitoring play, adding new content, and reporting and fixing errors and problems with the server. They are known in the Scoutcraft world as "Patrol Leaders" When online, Patrol Leaders actively keep their eyes and ears out to prevent bullying, destruction and theft of other players' possessions ("griefing") and bad behavior. Giving this responsibility to our older youth helps to encourage leadership skills while keeping the Scoutcraft environment a safe place to play.

Adult Administration[edit | edit source]

Adult administrators (known as "Unit Leaders" in the Scoutcraft world) are also necessary to both oversee that safety and well-being is being properly implemented, as well as to ensure that all of Scoutcraft functions properly. The BSA has very strict rules about youth safety, and we take those rules just as seriously in Scoutcraft. We call it "Youth Protection." All Unit Leaders are trained and certified, at minimum, in BSA Youth Protection. They also are required to follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure appropriate adult-youth interaction.