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About Scoutcraft – Minecraft for Scouts[edit | edit source]

We’ve created Scoutcraft, a multi-player Minecraft and Discord server, to give Cub Scouts, their friends and Summer Scout campers a safe environment to interact with each other and keep up the socialization with friends and fellow Scouts that they’ve been missing since Scouts ended in-person meetings back in March, 2020.  Scoutcraft is restricted to children from Kindergarten – 5th grade only, and is monitored by Scouters, which are our registered and trained Cub Scout leaders, known in Scoutcraft as "Unit Leaders," as well as select Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scout) members (6th grade – 12th grade), known in Scoutcraft as "Patrol Leaders."

The Scoutcraft Universe[edit | edit source]

Scoutcraft currently has four worlds – the Reservation (survival), the Wilderness (creative) the Nether and the End.  Everything is connected by the Scoutcraft Skylobby – a world in the sky that helps players move from place to place.  Scoutcraft is built on a Spigot (Java) platform, but allows play from both Java (original) and Bedrock (Pocket) edition clients.  Bedrock is what most IOS, Android, Xbox and Windows 10 devices use.  Bedrock users sometimes look like Steve or Alex instead of their usual character’s skin, but other than that Bedrock users function perfectly normal on our Java server.  Scoutcraft worlds are heavily altered from the "plain vanilla" Minecraft world for both safety and fun play, and we add and upgrade features often.  It’s meant to grow and get better and better over time.

Voice Chat[edit | edit source]

Mumble is a voice/chat server that allows all of the online players to interact by voice and chat while in game play.  It’s an important part of the socialization that children receive from Scoutcraft.  Mumble requires a microphone and headphones or speakers for voice interaction.  Our Mumble server is also privately operated and monitored for the safety and security of our young players, and may be offline from time-to-time when there are no monitors available.

Safety and Well-Being[edit | edit source]

Scoutcraft is built to provide a safe online environment to facilitate fun, camaraderie and socialization for Scouts while stuck at home during the lock-down (and beyond!). For more information about how we keep it safe, click here.

Joining[edit | edit source]

Ready to go?

There are currently four ways for youth to be eligible to join Scoutcraft.